About Priority Management

55 Offices Around the Globe

Priority Management is a Canadian company founded in 1980. Our network spans across 55 offices around the world working with many of the fortune 100 companies as well as public sector organizations.

Our Team

In 1992, Anna started Priority Management Brussels.
Anna, Katie and Leentje have always worked virtually and have mastered web-based communication tools as well as the required etiquette to use them effectively. 

Priority Management has delivered live, online webshops since April 2001. Our success lies with the competence of our world-class facilitators, who are self-directed, multilingual, subject matter experts.

With technology having an ever-greater impact on our work, how we combine tools wit
h effective work processes determines, to a great extent, our level of success in today’s demanding workplace.

Priority Management Brussels has developed a wide-ranging client base, from start-ups to dotcoms to Fortune 500 type companies as well as nonprofit and government organizations.

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Paul Yuck
Paul Yuck

President & CEO

In 1993, Paul Yuck began his career with Priority Management as a sales executive in our Ottawa office, and soon after took on the role of Regional Managing Director.


Under his leadership, the Ottawa office grew to the number one Global sales office for 5 consecutive years. During those years, Paul travelled to Australia, Europe and the United States to better understand the global issues faced by our clients


His passion for helping individuals and teams develop the skills to succeed in the 21st century will ensure Priority Management remains a global leader in people development.


To become a Productivity Partner for our clients by delivering superior quality training solutions that:

  • PARTICIPANTS recommend to family, friends and colleagues

  • MANAGERS prefer for their staff

  • PURCHASERS select for their clients

  • EMPLOYEES are proud of and

  • STAKEHOLDERS seek out for long-term returns